Melatonin Gummies 5mg Extra Strength Strawberry 60 Gummies
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MELATONIN GUMMIES 5mg (Extra Strength) (Strawberry) 60 Gummies

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60 Day Supply
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Melatonin Gummies

• All Natural Strawberry Flavour
• Colorus From Natural Sources
• Great Tasting

Melatonin: Promotes Healthy Sleep Patterns

In numerous studies, Melatonin was shown to:

• Supports healthy ageing
• Supports mood & mental health

What is Melatonin and where does it come from?

Melatonin is the hormone responsible for regulating the body’s biological clock. It is produced by the pineal gland, which is located in the brain. Melatonin helps to regulate sleep. 

Who needs it and what are the symptoms of deficiency?

 The production of melatonin varies according to the amount of light you're exposed to; more melatonin is produced at night than during the day, and your body produces more melatonin in a completely dark room than in a dimly lit one.


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Serving Size: 2 Gummies

Servings per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving
• Calories 15
• Total Carbohydrate  4g      
   Sugars 3g    
•  Melatonin 5mg

Other Ingredients: Corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, citric acid, lactic acid, black carrot juice colour concentrate, natural flavor, fractionated coconut oil (contains one or more of the following: carnauba wax, beeswax).

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For adults, chew two (2) gummies at bedtime as melatonin may produce drowsiness.

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Most Helpful Customer Review(s)
by on 16 February 2017
My 4 year old daughter has had issues with staying asleep after being diagnosed with ADHD. Not only does she love the taste of these gummies and actually asks for them before bed, but she has never slept better. An absolute god send.
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Melation 5mg gummies
by on 06 August 2016
A verry good product workes well with my Autstic teen. Sleeps through the night wakes up happy and refreshed.
Was this review helpful to you?
Sleep Aid that works!
by on 12 August 2017
Convenient gummy version of melatonin not only tastes great but is a healthy alternative to sleep tablets that really works.
Was this review helpful to you?
by on 29 March 2017
These are fabulous, my 7year old really struggles to settle to sleep and his doctor wont prescribe him anything so we use Natural cherry juice and alternative nights these! 1 gummy works within 15 minutes and he sleeps all night so he now gets 11+ hours slepp compared to 8hrs without them, wouldn't use 2 gummies though find 1 is more than enough
Was this review helpful to you?
All the kids love them and they get a goodnights sleep!
by on 19 October 2016
I bought these under the direction of my ADD grandsons pediatrician. I gave them to all 3 of my grandkids aged 12, 9 and 3. The 3 year old gets me up almost every night, but now on melatonin it helps her sleep past that point and I have only gotten up a couple of times to her. After the first night, my 12 yo said he would never ever take them again. I asked why and he replied that he didn't like going to sleep at 8.30. It turned out he has been playing his IPad with his mates before going to sleep. Dobbed himself in and got a good nights sleep! haha. The 9 yo with ADD takes a sleeping pill as well as the gummy and is sleeping so much better.They would all eat these as if they were lollies if they could, they are that yummy!
Was this review helpful to you?
We sleep
by on 19 September 2016
My 7 yr old son has adhd and has trouble going and staying asleep. The pediatrician recommended melatonin to help him and it has been amazing. I work full time and broken sleep or very little for me and my son was no good. Now he sleeps so I get to sleep. Worth giving it a go.
Was this review helpful to you?
great - but take note
by on 09 March 2018
These work brilliantly for my son who struggles sleeping and i highly recommend them, BUT please note its 5mg per serving and 2 tablets per serving so you are only getting 30 servings. Lost a star due to this but otherwise great tasting and works a treat.
Was this review helpful to you?
Amazing !!
by on 04 March 2018
Each night my daughter , whose as high functioning ASD takes one gummie. It has been a game changer for our family. Rarely do we have a restless night. Along with a relaxing bed routine it had worked wonders. Highly recommended !
Was this review helpful to you?
Best thing ever!
by on 06 February 2018
We rely on these highly for my son they don’t have a horrible taste don’t leave a horrible taste in your mouth after eating either
Was this review helpful to you?
Life changer!
by on 21 November 2017
Has worked a treat for our son. Great flavour too.
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