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Portable Blackhead Removal Vacuum

• Removes Blackheads & Dead Skin
• Discourages Grease Buildup & Breakouts
• USB Rechargeable

Remove blackheads and excess dirt and oil from inside pores with this powerful blackhead removal vacuum. Unlike other blackhead removal tools, this model is equipped with several suction intensity levels as well as types of suction heads. The lightweight design makes it a great option for those on the go. This blackhead vacuum is also simple to clean after the strong suction has exfoliated the skin and left it feeling refreshed.

This universal adaptor is compatible with plugs in Europe, UK, USA, China, Japan, Australia, Spain and almost every country in the world.  It includes a USB port, power indicator light, child protection shutter and surge protector.  The red light indicates that the unit is charging.

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How to Use Device

1. Clean your face with facial cleanser.
2. Use a hot steamer or hot towel on your face for 3-5 minutes to open up you pores.
3. Choose a suction probe and connect it to the device according to your needs.
4. Press the power button for 3 seconds and start with the lowest suction mode.
5. Hold and move it around the back of your palm to feel the suction power and adjust power settings before using it on your face.
6. Apply suction on your face. Do not use it on the same spot for more than 2 seconds. Keep moving it on your face in circular or linear motion.
7. Moisturize and apply a cold mask on your face to clam and help recover.

• DO NOT start with high intensity.
• Limit the usage time to 5 minutes per use.
• Light bruising or redness may occur on the face. Skin should recover in couple of days.
• Avoid using suction on sensitive skin. Do no use it on the soft skin under your eyes



Europe: Pull out plug from the middle of the adaptor. Push back when finished.

UK/Spain: Slide green button to "UNLOCK" position.  The plug will eject and pull out the white plastic pin.  Slide green button to "LOCK" position. When finished, slide button to "UNLOCK", push in the plug, and slide back to "LOCK" position.

All Others: Slide green button to "UNLOCK" position.  The plug will eject and adjust the angle to fit the outlet.  Slide  green button to "LOCK" position.  When finished, slide button to "UNLOCK", push in the plug, and slide back to "LOCK" position.


• Keep away from water and children.  
• The USB charge is 5Vdc  10000mA.
• The adaptor does not convert voltage.
• Do not connect more than one plug at a time.

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