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• Clinically Proven Results
• Effectively stops hair loss
• Stimulates hair follicles
• Promotes hair regrowth

FOLIGAIN.L7x® Professional Laser Comb For Men & Women Concerned about Hair Loss or Thinning Hair.
FOLIGAIN.L7x® Professional Laser Comb powered by HAIRMAX® is the latest in hair re-growth technology! With its patented teeth that separate hair for a more effective treatment, FOLIGAIN.L7x® Professional Laser Comb uses a low-level laser light energy that stops hair loss and thinning and naturally stimulates hair follicles for hair re-growth.


How Does FOLIGAIN.L7x® Professional Laser Comb Work?
FOLIGAIN.L7x® Professional Laser Comb powered by HAIRMAX® utilises a phototherapy light that nourishes the scalp and awakens hair follicles—giving your hair the strength it needs to start growing! 
Every time you use it, the Laser Comb sends nourishing light into your hair follicles to energise and improve circulation. The laser beam stimulates the scalp and promotes follicle growth in the Catagen or Telogen phase, causing a new Anagen hair to be formed.
Once the new Anagen® hairs start growing, the old Catagen and Telogen begin to shed away, which allows your scalp to grow stronger, healthier strands of hair. If you are noticing an increase in shedding during the early phases of your treatment, this is one of the most positive signs that the FOLIGAIN.L7x® Laser Comb powered by HAIRMAX® is working for you. 

FOLIGAIN.L7x® Laser Comb powered by HAIRMAX® provides a two-part approach to energising weakened follicles. The hypothesis behind FOLIGAIN.L7x®  powered by HAIRMAX®’s success combines increased vascularization and an increase in cellular metabolism. Laser energy has been demonstrated to increase the blood flow and circulation in the scalp. This increase in blood flow is crucial for hair growth improvement with nourished follicles. 

What are the Results?
According to numerous clinical studies, simply using FOLIGAIN®.L7x Laser Comb powered by HAIRMAX® just 3 times a week, for 15 minutes a daycan effectively stop your hair loss or thinning and promote a fuller, healthier head of hair in 16 weeks.
Easy-to-use and convenient, FOLIGAIN.L7x® Professional Laser Comb is the perfect hair care treatment to stop hair loss and thinning and promote hair re-growth right inside the comfort of your own home! 

Weeks 1-6: As early as the first treatment, users report that their hair feels more lively, is more manageable and that their scalp feels healthier. Having “better hair days,” noticing more vibrant shine, having less scalp itch and experiencing significantly decreased hair fallout are just a few of the immediate benefits of using the FOLIGAIN.L7x® Laser Comb powered by HAIRMAX®.
As Early as Week 8: Consistent with clinical data, 45% of users start seeing noticeable hair growth in as early as 8 weeks. It may start with small “peach fuzz” like hairs sprouting from the scalp, and may also include a general thickening of the hair you have. Additionally, improved manageability, increased shine is a strong indicator that FOLIGAIN.L7x® Laser Comb powered by HAIRMAX® is working for you.
Weeks 8-12: During this period another 45% of users start to experience the full benefits of using the FOLIGAIN.L7x® Laser Comb powered by HAIRMAX®. A cessation of hair loss, marked new growth and all of the benefits as described in the previous section.
Post 12 Weeks: Most users of the FOLIGAIN.L7x® Laser Comb powered by HAIRMAX® experience the benefits within the first 12 weeks. It is not uncommon for some users to require more than 12 weeks to experience the full benefits. Please remember, it is difficult to see hair growth on the top of your head. We recommend having a relative or hair dresser look into your scalp to recognize the new hair growth.

Your Set Includes:

• 4 AA Batteries
• Storage Stand
• Travel Pouch
• 2 Year Warranty
• User Manual
Text Size: A A A
Your Set Includes:

• 4 AA Batteries
• Storage Stand
• Travel Pouch
• 2 Year Warranty
• User Manual
Text Size: A A A
Use the FOLIGAIN.L7x® Advanced Laser Comb for 15 minutes per treatment, three days per week. Simply glide the laser comb over your scalp very slowly, moving it about 1.3cm every 4 seconds. The convenient vibrating timer will let you know when to move to the next spot.
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